Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pants for Peace

I've been knitting on the pants that goes with Griffin's Peace sweater. Got a call from my DD last night. The sweater won't go over his head!! Guess I did the bind off a little too tight, I was trying to be loose...
She'll bring it back and I'll redo it.

They will be staying with us for a time so they can save to buy their own home. The little house they are in now has dry rot and mold all underneath. I'm looking forward tp spending more time with Griffie. He has been an official toddler for a month now. Every day he is a little more sure of himself, walking farther without falling, and now he gets up on one knee and just stands up. He climbed their kitchen 2 step stool, then squealed with delight at his accomplishment. He is so cute!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

This is my first attempt at lace knitting. The yarn is a mohair that I found at a local second hand store. There was only one skein, not quite enough yardage for the pattern that I had chosen, so I cast on 25 stitches instead of the 35 it called for. I'm loving it!

These are knit strips for an afghan that I started in 1977. (Screaming NEON) My cousin Sharon sent the yarn from her stash to Southern Oregon where we had just moved to a rural log cabin. I have 3 more strips to knit.

Peace Baby!

Griffin's first birthday is Saturday. This is his first sweater knit by Grammy. It was alot of fun to knit, but I didn't like doing the seams.

The pattern is from Knit 1 magazine
winter 2007

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

abc along

Coffee Cup Cozy

Knit with size 8 beads. It wasn't as hard as I had imagined. Stringing beads on the yarn took more time than knitting the piece. The pattern is from Needlecraft University; The Beads Go On.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lattice Hearts KAL

Here's the first KAL of the year for me. It's designed byRachel and is called Lattic Hearts.
I love Knitting Mystery patterns. The color of the yarn is hot pink. Some unlabled crochet cotton that I found at Tuesday Morning, cheap!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

B is for Bambino

My Beautiful Blue-eyed Bouncing Baby Boy. (Grandson Griffin)
Picture was taken at Halloween. He was a Pea in a Peapod.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A is for Agua

abc along

Queens Creek runs through our property. It is seasonal but always beautiful; at times powerful,
and raging. In the summer it's peaceful and lazy, a place to restore my soul.

I joined the abc-along on Ravelry, there is also a group on Flickr. The idea is to post a picture every two weeks on your blog that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Today is the last day for Letter A - I wanted to use a pic that I took today of our little creek. Agua is Spanish for water. I could have used the word Amateur considering how long it has taken me to figure out how to do this.
My very first knit socks. Knit from Trekking yarn found at a yard sale about 3 or 4 years ago. The yarn was saved until working up the nerve to learn how to knit socks. They weren't as hard as I feared!! Now my stash has enough yarn for 10 more pair. This is the beginning of the Peace Suit from knit.1 winter 2007 issue. The color is actually a deep purple with lime edging. The front of the sweater will have a peace sign in white. It will look great on Griffin, I hope. my gague may be off. it looks a little wide.......
Here's an ear flap cap that I knit for Griffin from wool yarn, Kilcarra by Cottage. Another yard sale buy. The wool is too scratchy for a baby, so now I'm knitting it in a Berella acrylic. The free pattern is at Wonderful instructions! easy to knit.
The item on the left is the first of a pair of Felt Clogs, by Fiber Trends.
The color is actually purple, it shows better in the next picture. I have to knit the second clog before felting both of them.

The little sock pattern is from Lion Brands Knit Child's Solid Sock, knit in their Autumn variegated yarn. It is the first half of Griffin's first Grammy-knit socks.

Here's the purple clog from the top view. That's my size 10 foot for size comparison....

The clogs are knit in Cascade Wool with Plymouth Yarn Furlauro for furry trim.
I am finding that it is alot easier to start new projects than finish the old ones. Especially if it's a pair of something. Just seems like you should be done when you finish that first sock!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Peace sign and knitting

Just cruisin' the net today and found a great t-shirt. Here's the link-
Cafe Press - and yes, I ordered it.

I also found a darling pattern for a baby sweater with a Peace sign on it.
It's in the Winter 2007 Knit 1 Magazine So now I have yet another project to start for Griffin.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Here it is Jan 2008, new starts, finishing old projects, attempting to blog again. My goal is to figure out how to add pix to my blog. I was able to add my OTN list!!~ little steps are OK.

Speaking of little steps, my first grandchild, Griffin Knox, was born last March. He is absolutely adorable and delightful. I LOVE being a Grammy. He grows and changes so fast- that a digital camera was a must.

Griffin inspires me to knit. My first 'return to knitting' project was a pair of felted booties for him. It was also my first attempt at felting and alot of fun. He was also the recipient of my first chenille yarn hat, knit while his mom was in labor. Of course he had to have a hand knit stocking for his first Christmas! I've been looking for a sweater pattern to make for him next.