Monday, March 24, 2008

This is my first attempt at lace knitting. The yarn is a mohair that I found at a local second hand store. There was only one skein, not quite enough yardage for the pattern that I had chosen, so I cast on 25 stitches instead of the 35 it called for. I'm loving it!

These are knit strips for an afghan that I started in 1977. (Screaming NEON) My cousin Sharon sent the yarn from her stash to Southern Oregon where we had just moved to a rural log cabin. I have 3 more strips to knit.

Peace Baby!

Griffin's first birthday is Saturday. This is his first sweater knit by Grammy. It was alot of fun to knit, but I didn't like doing the seams.

The pattern is from Knit 1 magazine
winter 2007