Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pants for Peace

I've been knitting on the pants that goes with Griffin's Peace sweater. Got a call from my DD last night. The sweater won't go over his head!! Guess I did the bind off a little too tight, I was trying to be loose...
She'll bring it back and I'll redo it.

They will be staying with us for a time so they can save to buy their own home. The little house they are in now has dry rot and mold all underneath. I'm looking forward tp spending more time with Griffie. He has been an official toddler for a month now. Every day he is a little more sure of himself, walking farther without falling, and now he gets up on one knee and just stands up. He climbed their kitchen 2 step stool, then squealed with delight at his accomplishment. He is so cute!!