Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday night

knitting is meditation for me. I find it to be extremely relaxing and helps me to be grounded. I plan to use this blog to document my 'meditations and adventures' with knitting. My daughter, Kelly is pregnant for the first time at age 31. I am so excited to be an "expectant grandma" for the first time. She's already informed me that she has enough 'blankets'. I didn't correct her and tell her that they are quilts. Quilts-being my previous addiction. I still plan to sew and quilt, just not as much.

I LOVE the feeling of the yarns in my hands and seeing my project grow and take on it's own existence. Oh the yarn and fibers, so colorful and soft. Nothing like the yarns I used years ago.

I taught myself to knit from a small yarn spool knitter infor. sheet. At first I had hand-me-down yarns from my Aunt Betty and Grandma to knit with. That was just fine with me, I made clothes for my 5" hard plastic dolls and then Barbie dolls with that yarn. As a teen I actually bought yarn at the "Dime Store", (think the 1960's) worsted weight, 4 ply, made into afghans.

Now I have yard sale yarns and yarns that I found half price at a quilt shop. OTN I have a pair of socks. I'm using Trekking yarn (from the yard sale) and DPN's for the first time ever. What fun! I pulled out some cotton yarn and knit up a dishcloth. So off to the MegaMart where I found they make variegated crochet cotton. Everyone gets dishcloths next Christmas. :-)

I'm off to knit and become one with my spirit.